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Last year was my first year going with my two sons. I just wanted to express my thanks to Marcedes Lewis and his mom for doing this for these boys. Thanks to all the who donates to this foundation. Thanks to all the coaches that comes out to help the young men of the future. A lot of camps with NFL names attached to it charge ridiculous amount of money showing the kids the same as what their learning at this camp. So I cant express my gratitude, appreciation for you Marcedes Lewis and especially your Mom!!!! Happy Mother’s Day!!!! thank you from the bottom of my heart.



More Testimonials

This summer, I volunteered to work the Mercedes Lewis Football Camp at Poly High School in Long Beach, CA. It was one of the most enjoyable experiences I have ever had. The camp was extremely organized from registration to the serving of lunch. The joy on the faces of the kids who participated in the event was very touching. I was especially moved by the little kids who showed so much heart in trying to keep up with the coaches. Marcedes Lewis demonstrated how much compassion he has for the underserved by picking up part of tab for this event, coupled with sponsors from our local businesses. Many of these kids would never have been able to participate in such an event had it not been for the generosity of Marcedes. Not only did he support the event financially, he gave of his time. I witnessed him tirelessly signing autographs and taking pictures with all the kids. It is such a pleasure to see a young man like Marcedes Lewis motivating young kids to be the best they can be. May God continue to bless Marcedes Lewis.

Madria Marshall

I met Marcedes on an airplane a couple of months ago and hit it off with him right away, which is curious since I am a middle aged attorney. We shared contact info and have stayed in contact via emaiI, etc. felt compelled to add my comments here after asking ML for a big time favor. My assistant (and friend), a huge Jags and ML fan was recently diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer. I reached out to Marcedes and told him about this and asked if there was anyway he’d meet my buddy and sign his jersey when he plays in Dallas on Halloween. Marcedes immediate response was” “absolutely, I’ve got you guys.” Marcedes Lewis is a class act and is a role model not only for his fans who look up to him but to all other NFL players who could learn a lot from his actions. Thank you again ML, my buddy will proudly be wearing #89 and rooting you and the Jags on. I am a huge Cowboys fan so will be rooting for Tony Romo and the boys but you can bet I’ll be rooting for #89 on the Jags as Marcedes is a true hero.

Kyle Doviken

I simply want to say thank you to Marcedes’ mother and step-father for demonstrating what supportive parents should do to support their children’s dreams. Young boys don’t become football stars without help from someone looking out for them! Also, a big thanks to Marcedes for motivating my eight year old son, Elias to be educationally motivated and dedicated to hard work in accomplishing his goals. Many blessings to your entire family. Your humble demeanor and caring spirits truly warm my heart.

Shauna Ricks

I was pleasantly surprised to see you at the Football Camp this past week. Spencer, my son, enjoyed the camp, even though he slightly strained/pulled hamstring during the stretching and warm-ups. He felt his speed was effected and did his best. What he enjoyed to most was running pass patterns and catching passes. He commented the Quarterback that was throwing to him could actually get the ball to him and he did not drop any passes. That was satisfying to both he and I. All that being said, I want to commend the Marcedes Lewis Foundation for providing such outstanding event. The participants were treated with respect and appreciation. I must commend the planners for a job well done. I know it was not easy to make it happen, and as a parent and a former event planner of sorts, I say it was an overwhelming success. Let the Haters hate, as they will do for whatever reason. As we use to say back in the day, Go Fly A Kite! (if you get my jest). Also thank you for providing such a nice lunch my son like so many other boys could not stop licking their fingers. It sure must have hit the spot. So thank you again. Spencer will be playing his second year in Organized Football and loves it as much if not more than AAU Basketball. He has played AAU for 8 years and has had the opportunity to play b-ball in the South, East and here out West against and with some of the best players in the country in his age group. We have been approached several times by football coaches of Pop Warner Teams, but his mother and I thought it best not to have him play. However, his first season as a Tight End, Outside Linebacker, Defensive End, and occasional Defensive Lineman was such a surprise. We were very proud and happy with his ability and results during each and every game. Thank God Marcedes Lewis Foundation is giving back to the Community. Sincerely, Richard Owens

Richard Owens

Just wanted to say THANK YOU so much for coming to Long Beach Poly on June 19th. That day I brought my son (this was his second year), and my niece & nephew came all the way down from Moreno Valley to attend (this was their first year) and they all had a blast. My nephew NOW wants to play pop warner football!!! Thank you Marcedes for giving back to the community. We all WILL be back next year. Take care and God Bless You and your family.

Sharon Howard

We would like to start by saying what a privilege it is to be able to work with such an amazing organization that makes such a direct impact with the kids in our community. It was great to witness the excitement in all the young boys faces as they got to train with such an elite team of professionals. The event was planned with great detail from beginning to end. We are looking forward to another amazing event this coming June 2010.

Will & Ericka Lopez

With my experience in law enforcement, I have seen the invaluable influence a program like the Marcedes Lewis Camp can have on young boys. Last year’s camp provided my two sons training on specific positions on the football field and positive obtainable life skills off the field. Marcedes Lewis as a person and as a sucessful professional athlete has for a long time and continues to be a positive role model for my sons and alot of other young aspiring athletes. My sons are looking forward to participating in this year’s Camp.


As a recent volunteer in the Marcedes Lewis Foundation Football Camp I am inspired by Marcedes’ commitment to give back to young men and women in the community. Adding another a level of inspiration is my respect for his mother who at one time was single mom who surely set the table for the fine work that Marcedes is doing today. As a single mother of one son who currently plays division I football, Marcedes is clearly a template for what our young son’s and daughter’s can do to inspire and assist others in life with the gifts that God has provided them.

Debraka Griffin

It is so awesome to see an athlete, such as Marcedes, giving back to the community they are from. Many athletes either do not find the time or do not care to give back as much as Marcedes has to the communities in Long Beach and Lakewood. I must say that last year’s inaugural “Marcedes Lewis Football Camp” was simply a great event for the young athletes that came to participate. It was obvious how excited the kids were to see Marcedes walking around and participating throughout the whole camp…he didn’t just show up at the beginning or only at the end. It speaks volumes to see a professional athlete exemplifying community service and being a strong, positive role model to so many youths. I will be helping this event and organization in any way that I can for many years to come.

Will Peddie

As a staff member, the camp was well organized, highly productive, and focused on the goal of football instruction. It was a phenomenal comprehensive camp stressing conditioning and football technique for every position both individually and as a team enhancing the athletic abilities of the participants. The best part about the camp is that Marcedes is there giving hands on instruction. Giving back to the community is so needed for the youngster’s of today to nurture their pliant minds. Steve Jobs once said, “The only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do.” Marcedes loves football and children and he expresses this by doing great work for them both. It was an awesome camp and I’m looking forward to an even greater success this year.

Joanne Richardson

It was both a privilege and a pleasure to volunteer for the inaugural Marcedes Lewis Foundation Football camp. I was truly humbled by Marcedes’ generosity of spirit and time in providing an opportunity for local children to have access to some of the best coaching available. He is not only a standout athelete, but a man with a great philanthropic heart. He is one of the few Long Beach athletes that is truly giving back to the community. I was so impressed with the Football camp, that I have elected the Marcedes Lewis Foundation as my designated charitable interest for 2010. I would encourage all small business owners to follow suit and support this organization.

Andrea Webster

Angels Landscape, Inc. is honored to have partnered in the Marcedes Lewis Foundation during the 2009 football camp. We believe in the importance of giving back to the community even more when we are blessed with a business or Professional Sport. This causes a stronger impact in the lives of the young kids who someday will be the leaders of our cities and country. Marcedes Lewis definitely doing his part in making this world a little bit better by sharing his heart and passion with the community and investing in the lives of kids. Angels Landscape, Inc. is looking forward to partner with the MLFoundation in 2010. Sincerely, Robert Renteria President of Angels Landscape, Inc. www.angelslandscape.com

Angels Landscape, Inc.

The Marcedes Lewis football camp was an experience, for me as a parent and a staff member. First of all the registration was overwhelming with response, the children were excited as well as patient. Every participant showed love for the sport, dedication, passion and commitment just as Marcedes would. Even though it rained participants as well as staff members moved forward as though it had not. The children displayed the utmost respect to every coach and leaders, and stayed focused. Through this event my son has gained more knowledge of the sport and insight, and has played 2 additional positions with the Pomona Steelers 2009. The football camp was a success and me and my son are anticipating this year’s return. Go Marcedes!

Sylvia Hill

What an amazing time we had. I would just like to say Thank You for allowing me and my family the opportunity to attend and share in such an amazing day. As a mother it gave me great pride to be able to attend this camp with my boys and watch the looks on their faces as they had such a good time. After attending camp with the boys and talking to them on the way home, I was suprised to learn that after attending weeklong camps and weekend camps, this one day camp had such a major impact on the boys. I was blown away with the conversation that they were having, they spoke about how they had such a good time and how they are hoping to be invited back again. As a mother we all want the best for our children and this camp gave my boys something that me and my husband just couldn’t do and that was to believe and be dedicated in what ever you do. My 14 year old has big dreams to one day play in the NFL and attending the camp and talking with Marcedes Lewis, he knows hes on the right track. For a day full of learning and fun, attending the Marcedes Lewis Camp is a must. My boys are looking forward to attending the 2010 Marcedes Lewis camp.

Bernice Morris

As a parent of a very active and busy 15 year old son, we have attended “many upon many” camps for football and basketball and at those camps we’ve experienced the good, the bad and the ugly. The 2009 Marcedes Lewis football camp was one of those in the “very good” category. From the check in/registration process all the way to the talk Marcedes had with the kids at the end of the camp, it was extremely well ran the whole way through. The coaching staff assigned to work with the kids did a great job and really worked on essential skills needed for football. Marcedes really stressed to the boys the importance of an education, obedience and respect to parents, and hard work, which was really great to hear directly from him. Also the kids were “VERY” well fed! Last but not least, Marcedes offered all of this for “free”. Unbelieveable when nowadays you have all these different camps popping up and charging for sub-par, average and sometimes crappy sports development. Thank you Marcedes Lewis and his foundation. Also a big thank you to the sponsors for help making this camp possible. As a consumer, it helps to know those businesses who really give back to the community and invest in the kids. Those are the businesses I support.

Rhonda C. Brown

“I am a single mother of two boys who have found sports out of reach because I work a full time job and go to school full time in the evening. I was hesitant to enroll my boys in any extra activity because of their lack of motivation and my lack of time. I didn’t want it to be a waste of money if after two months they decided they didn’t want to go anymore. I was also concerned with their grades falling even further if they found the extra activity so great they would ignore school work. A co-worker suggested the Marcedes Lewis football camp to me and thought it would be a wonderful experience for my kids.. Both my children were excited yet scared as they have always feared male figures from a young age. Everyone from the coordinators to the coaches were not only extremely kind but understanding, knowledgeable, and inspiring. Marcedes took time out to talk to the kids, some individually (including my son). He let them know the importance of a strong will, working hard, and last but not least, the importance of an education. Both my boys came away from the camp knowing if they wanted to get into sports and to my surprise my oldest son started to crack down on his school work!

Veronica Dailey

“Thank You Marcedes and Yvonne for letting me volunteer at your football camp. This was a great way to complete my volunteer hours. I would love to do this again. Also tthe camp was amazing, it was very organized and chaperoned nicely. Thank you again for letting me participate in this Camp.”

Taryn McCullouch

“My son participated in the Football Camp on June 16, 2012 and we loved it. We cant thank Marcedes Enough for making this possible. Everyone was so welcoming it truly felt like family. I will gladly donate my time for the following events. Thanks again for such a wonderful experience!”

Cindy Gomez

“I went to Poly High with Marcedes and I’ve followed his career for years after our graduation. Since then I’ve had two sons who will walk in the foot steps of many great players from Long Beach Poly High but before high school football I have to expose them to the sport.  2012 was my first sons year of eligibility to play and 2015 will be my second sons and I plan to eventually have them both in this camp fro years to come.  This camp was so spirit filled with anxious athletes and smiling parents.  The instruction that my 5 year old son will definitely help him to get ready for his first season and who better to learn from than great players like the ones that show their faces at the camp. On a scale of 1-10 the training the kids receive is 10+, and they are primed in a motivating environment. The NFL players were on the field with my son showing him how to properly execute the fundamentals of football. Not just one NFL player… several NFL players at several stations!
This is awesome! The staff was very nice and they even gave the kids shirts to workout in and towels for their sweat and plenty of liquids out on the field.  What more can I ask for my sons football future!  I want to personally thank Marcedes for giving a kid from the community you were raised in, an opportunity to have something special; and this IS special! My wife and I vowed that as long this foundation is around, we will support Marcedes in helping the kids, weather our sons are there or not. God Bless Marcedes and his giving heart.”

Dwight Manley

“The national bowl which I was blessed to be able to attend, was a great experience. It was great to be able to have a chance to play with some of the best players around the nation. Friday night we arrived at the hotel and checked into our rooms. Shortly after we attended a team meeting for the blue nation where we met the coaches and mike quartey the man who is responsible for the bowl game. Over the next 2 days we practiced 2 times and had dinner at a restaurant where all the players further introduced themselves to people and got to know their teammates. Sunday December 9th was the date of the game. I was glad that I was able to play against the best players in the nation and make plays against them to show I was worthy of being there. I want to thank the Mercedes Lewis foundation for providing what I needed to attend the bowl game. It was a big moment in my life and I won’t forget it or what the foundation has done for me.”

Kyle Agustin

The National Bowl Game Committee would like to take this opportunity to thank the Marcedes Lewis Foundation
for sponsoring Kyle Agustin of West Liberty University to attend our college all star game. Kyle was a pleasure
to have at the game where he had the chance to showcase his football skills in front of NFL & CFL scouts and we know your organization played a big part in getting him to the game. We love what you are doing for your community and helping kids experience this great game of football we all love!

Thank You Marcedes Lewis Foundation

Michael Quartey Esq.

My daughter, Brooke, received a scholarship from the Marcedes Lewis Foundation this year for competition cheer. Brooke has undergone 3 open heart surgeries as a young child and cannot participate in outdoor sports. With competition cheeeading costing more it would have been possible for Brooke to participate for her 3rd year of cheer without the foundations support. We are forever grateful to Yvonne and team at the foundation for making this possible for Brooke for the 2014-15 season at Zone Cheer All-Stars.


Good evening,

Today after realizing your name was the same as the name of the individual who sent me the email it was nice to put a face with the name happy… my son and I had a blast!! You all gave my son and I an opportunity to do something I probably couldn’t afford to do otherwise… Thank you for everything you, your son, and the foundation family did for the kids today! It was awesome!!!

You guys are wonderful!!

Kereem Rogers (Father of the son (Tyree) who registered this morning)

PS… Since everybody has a FaceBook page happy I will send a friend’s request because I assume you post announcement about the foundation.

Kereem Rogers